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As a centre of intense intellectual inquiry, the General Library of Govt. Arts & Science College, Kozhikode tries to prove itself to be the most dynamic library in providing professional assistance to students and faculty in their academic activities. In addition to providing materials, the library also provides various information and research services like finding and organizing information and at interpreting information needs. GAASC library often provide quiet areas for studying, and also offer common areas to facilitate group study and collaboration for project works. Apart from providing printed resources, the library often provide facilities for access e-journals, e-books and other electronic resources.

The college library is housed in two buildings constructed under the Local Area Development scheme of former M.P. Sri. K. Muraleedharan and Sri. M.K Raghavan. M.P. Construction of a new stack room using the plan fund of the state government, which is indented to solve the storage issue, is in progress.

The Library has in its collection more than 70000 printed books, accesing 5000 electronic journals and one lakh electronic books through INFLIBNET’s N-List programme. The library is automated with KOHA software.

Language Lab

The language lab, set up with Govt. of Kerala aid is of great help to the students in the field of language acquisition and application of the soft skills. The utilization of this lab is not fully effective as the room still lack many accessories and technical perfection.

Edusat facilities

The college has a good Edusat studio with all modern equipments and facilities like video conferencing for the benefit of the students and teachers.  This year an amount of Rs. 5 lakhs has been spent for the renovation of the studio.  Edusat teacher co-ordinator  Sri. V. Abdulkarim of English department takes much care to maintain the studio in proper manner.

Internet access

Our college there is a full- fledged computer lab, with more than 40 systems, set up under the LAD scheme of the former MLA Sri. T.P. Muhammed Sahir.  The college offers free internet access to students and staff.  In addition to this, each department is provided with broadband connectivity.  Credit goes to Sri. P.A Sivaramakrishnan, Associate professor of Physics who is in charge of the computer lab and smt. Athira. T, system administrator appointed by the PTA for keeping the lab well maintained.

College Canteen

The college canteen ensures the supply of hygienic and healthy food and refreshment to students and staff at affordable rates.  The PTA of the college is instrumental in running the canteen in an admirable fashion.    The construction of a student amenity centre, in which canteen, co-operative store and post office can be accommodated, is in progress.  Once it is completed, the canteen which is now housed in a shed can be operated with better facilities.

Hostel facilities

The college has a good hostel for ladies constructed utilizing one crore each from the Kerala Govt. Plan fund and UGC grant.  It was inaugurated on 8th September 2012 by Sri. P.K. Abdurab, Honorable minister for education, Kerala. It has opened to the students on 3rd August 2015.  Dr. Shylaja Kumari, HOD, Department of Zoology is appointed as the warden. The hostel can accommodate 50 students.

Co-operative Store

The co-operative store at the college provides steady supply of study materials and stationery items for the staff and students at a subsidized rate.  All students and staff are the members of the store.  There is an elected executive body for administration with the principal as president and Sri. P.K. Rajasekharan , Associate professor of physics, as secretary.  Sri. T. Sahadevan is running the store.