List of Publications for the Year 2016

1. Kudilatt Hasna, Kiran Lakshmi, Madambi Kunjukuttan Ezhuthachan Jayaraj, Kumaran Rajeev Kumar and Murukeshan Vadakke Matham, Development of High-Sensitive, Reproducible Colloidal Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Active Substrate Using Silver Nanocubes for Potential Biosensing Applications, J. Nanophotonics, 10 (2), 026020, (Department of Physics).

2.Bindu Punathumparambath. Stress-Strength Reliability of type II compound Laplace distribution. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), 3(2),1182-1185.(Department of Statistics).

List of Publications for the Year 2015

1. K.K. James, P.S. Krishnaprasad, K. Hasna, M.K. Jayaraj, Structural and optical properties of La-doped BaSnO3 thin films grown by PLD, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 76, 64 (2015),(Department of Physics).

2. Raisa T.P.& Bindu. P.P.  Survival Analysis of cancer patients using parametric and non parametric methods. Research Journal Govt. Arts &amp Science College, 6(1), 9-19,ISSN 2277-4246,(Department of Statistics).

3. Shihabudheen Poonthala. Formation of Mappila Community- A Preliminary Hypothesis. Research Journal Govt. Arts & Science College, 6(1), 29-35, ISSN 2277-4246.,(Department of History).

4. Swarna Kumari K. Giving space to the Displaced: Aboriginal Literature as an/offshoot of post coloniality. Research Journal Govt. Arts &Science College, 6(1), 53-55,ISSN 2277-4246.,(Department of English).

5. M. Girish Babu, Stochastic Modelling of Rainfall Data, Contemporary Research in India, a peer – reviewed Multi-Disciplinary International Journal, 5(2), (Department of Statistics).

6. M.Girish Babu, Estimation of Paddy Crop in Kozhikode district of Kerala by the method of Small Area Estimation, International Journal of Management and Social Science Review 1(14), 2015, (Department of Statistics).

7. M.Girish Babu, Statistics in Social Science Research, Contemporary Research in India,5(3), (Department of Statistics).

8. M.Girish Babu, Some Generalizations of Weibull Distribution and Related Processes, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications, Atlantis – Press, Paris, France. 14(4), (Department of Statistics).

9. M.Girish Babu, New Bascillus thuringiensis strain isolated from the gut of Malabari goat is effective against Tetranychus macfarlanei, Journal of Applied Entomology, 2015

List of Publications for the Year 2014

1, A. K. Abdul Gafoor. Dielectric Properties: a gateway to antibacterial assay- a case study of low density Polyethylene / Chitosan composite films;Polymer Journal/ Nature, 46, 422- 429,0032-3896., (Department of Physics).

2. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnan, Studies on growth, thermal and dielectric behaviour of calcium succinate trihydrate single crystals, J. Cryst. Growth., 396 (2014) 38, (Department of Physics).

3. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnan, Growth, characterization and dielectric property studies of gel grown barium succinate single crystals, Bull. Mater. Sci., 37 3 (2014) 1,(Department of Physics).

4. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnann Spectroscopic and dielectric studies of strontium succinate crystals, , Indian J Phys., 88 5 (2014) 497,(Department of Physics).

5. M. P. Binitha, P P Pradyumnan,Structural and spectroscopic studies on calcium succinate single crystals, AIP conference proceedings, 1591 (2014) 1200. (Department of Physics).

6. Arun Aravind, K. Hasna, M.K. Jayaraj, Mukesh Kumar•Ramesh Chandra, Magnetic and Raman scattering studies of Co-doped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition, Appl Phys A, 115(3), 843 (2014), (Department of Physics).

7. Z. A. Ahamad Ashraf, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for Depression in an Indian Tribal Community: A Pilot Study, International Journal of Solution-Focused Practices, 2( 1), 4-8, (Department of Statistics).

8. Z. A. Ahamad Ashraf, Item Analysis of Life Skills Assessment Test under IRT framework, Govt. Arts & Science College Research Journal, Vol. 5, Issue 1, (Department of Statistics).

9. M. Girish Babu, Some Properties of Exponentiated Weibull Distribution and a Generalized Modified Weibull Distribution, Research Journal of Govt. Arts & Science College, Kozhikode, (Department of Statistics).

10. Jilesh V, Jayakumar K. General Stationary AR and MA Time Series models with Min, Max-Min structures. Journal of Applied Statistical Sciences,4, (2014), (Department of Statistics).

List of Publications for the Year 2013

1. Bindu Punathumparambath.  A new family of skewed slash distribution generated   by Cauchy kernel. Communications in Statistics- Theory and Methods, 42, 2351-2361, ISSN:361-0926,(Department of Statistics).

2. Bindu Punathumparambath.  Statistical methods for identifying differentially Expressed genes in microarray data. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 4(9), 1405-1409, ISSN 2229-5518,(Department of Statistics).

3. Bindu Punathumparambath. Error Distribution for Microarray Gene Expression Data. VIRJ for Pure and Applied Sciences, 1(1), 41-57,ISSN 2347-3835, (Department of Statistics).

4. A. K. Abdul Gafoor. Effect of Nd3+ doping on Optical and Dielectric properties of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by a Low temperature hydrothermal method,J. of Nano science and Nanotechnology, 1533-4880, Vol.1- 2, 1533-4880, (Department of Physics).

5. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnan, Growth and studies on properties of copper succinate dihydrate crystals, Modern Physics Letters B, 27 11 (2013) 1350073. (Department of Physics).

6. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnan, Thermal degradation, dielectric and magnetic studies on copper tartrate trihydrate crystals, J. Therm. Anal. Calorim., 114 2 (2013) 665. (Department of Physics).

7. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnan, Dielectric property studies of biologically compatible brushite single crystals used as bone graft substitute, Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, 4 (2013) 119. (Department of Physics).

8. Z. A. Ahamad Ashraf & Abdul Fathah N Spatial Inequality in Education in Kerala, Proceedings of International Conference on Grassroots Social Development, (Department of Statistics).

List of Publications for the Year 2012

1. Bindu Punathumparambath, Sangita K. & Sebastian George.  Asymmetric type II compound Laplace distribution and its application to microarray gene expression, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 56, 1396-1404. ISSN: 0167-9473, (Department of Statistics).

2. Bindu Punathumparambath & Seabstian George.  A New family of skew   Slash logistic distributions. Journal of Applied Statistical Sciences, 19(3), 9-16,ISSN: 1067-5817,(Department of Statistics).

3. Bindu Punathumparambath. The multivariate skew-slash t and skew-slash Cauchy distributions. Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, 7, 33-40.,IISN: 1574-1699, (Department of Statistics).

4. Bindu Punathumparambath. The multivariate asymmetric slash Laplace distribution and its applications. STATISTICA, 72(2), 235-249, ISSN 1973-2201, (Department of Statistics).

5. Bindu Punathumparambath.  Sebastian George & Kannna V. M. Two component mixed Laplace model for microarray gene expression Data. JP Journal of Fundamental and Applied Statistics, 2(1), 15-25.,ISSN: 2249-2291,

6. A. K. Abdul Gafoor. Effect of Ag Doping on structural, electrical and dielectric properties of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by a low temperature hydrothermal, J. of material science: materials in electronics, ISSN 0957-4522, (Department of Physics).

7. A. K. Abdul Gafoor. AC Conductivity and Diffuse reflectance Studies of Ag-TiO2 Nanoparticles, J. of Electronic Materials, ISSN 0361- 5235,(Department of Physics).

8. A. K. Abdul Gafoor. Ag doped nanotitania for electrical and optical Applications. AIP Proceedings, Vol.1447, P. 447-448, (Department of Physics).

9. M P Binitha, P P Pradyumnan, Growth, characterization and dielectric property studies of zinc succinate crystals grown in silica gel medium, IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP), 2 4 (2012) 13.(Department of Physics).

10. P. B. Anand, K. Hasna, K. M. Anilkumar and S. Jayalekshmi. On the structural and optical properties of gold-polyaniline nanocomposite synthesized via a novel route, Polymer International, 61(12),1733 (2012), (Department of Physics).

11. Pv kunhikrishnan, A. Rajan Nambiar, Antony Joseph, Sensitivity in the trajectory of long range α particles ; Pramana J. Phy, Vol: 79,3,2012, (Department of Physics).

12. Z. A. Ahamad Ashraf, Quality Higher Education-Need for Admissions through Aptitude Tests, Envisioning, Journal of Calicut University. Vol. 1, Issue 2, (Department of Statistics).

List of Publications for the Year 2011

1. Bindu Punathumparambath. A new family of skewed slash distribution generated by normal kernel. STATISTICA, 71( 3), 345-353, ISSN 1973- 2201, (Department of Statistics).

2. Bindu Punathumparambath & Kannan V. M. Statistical Techniques for microarray Technology. Journal of Informatics and   Mathematics, 3(3), 257-275,ISSN: 0975-5748, (Department of Statistics).

3. Bindu Punathumparambath. Estimation of P(X>Y) for double Lomax distribution. Prob Stat Forum, 4 (1), 1-11,ISSN 0974-3235, (Department of Statistics).

4. A. K. Abdul Gafoor. Sm3+ Doping on Dielectric Properties of Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticles Synthesized by a Low Temperature Hydrothermal Method,International J. of Electronic Materials.  Vol.40, 10 , ISSN 0361-5235, (Department of Physics).