Alumni Association – OSA

The Alumni Association of Government Arts & Science College, Kozhikode, known as OSA (Old Students Association), is a vital component of the college, contributing to its development, prosperity, and rich traditions. It was registered on June 19, 2013, with the registration number KKD/CA/346/2013.

Alumni works as ambassadors for their alma mater, embodying the ideals and quality of education they received. Through a range of events and programmes, OSA ensures that our alumni stay connected and play an important part in the college. Each teaching department has its own alumni association under the general OSA.

Our institution offers an Alumni Mentorship Programme, which connects current students with alumni mentors for career advice and professional development support . They also offered their knowledge by providing skill training and career advise to students through interactions.


Alumni Lecture Series brings notable alumni back to campus to share their experiences and views with students, staff, and community members. These speeches address a wide range of themes, including industry trends, entrepreneurial adventures, societal challenges, and personal development.

 Donations and endowments are common ways for alumni to fund scholarships at their alma school.  Large contributions from alumni have resulted in infrastructure upgrades and improvements to libraries and other resources. They constantly spearheaded initiatives to improve library resources via the donation of books, furniture, and other items.


President :  Mr. Pradeep Hudino       Secretary   : Mr. Haridasan Palayil