Best Practices

Academic year 2021-22

1. Title of the practice: Gender Equality

As the majority of the students in the college are females, every possible step is taken by the college to adapt to the requirements of female students.

To propagate the concept of gender equality in all the spaces of our college.
To provide equal opportunity of education for all the students of the college without any
gender bias.
There is a large number of reports indicating discrimination against women both at home and outside. This is also prevalent in different parts of the nation with varying intensity. To irradiate such discrimination the youth should be well aware of their rights and the measures taken by the state to ensure equality. This requires urgent action to ensure gender equality in the society.
In order to propagate the concept of gender equality in all the spaces of our lives, the Women's cell of the college conducted a large number of programs such as Poster Making Competition, Online Panel Discussion, online interactive session on “Gender Awareness”, online Talk on the topic “Women: Understanding Body, Health and Atrocities”. A competition was conducted on gender fluidity. As part of International Women’s Day, the Women Cell of the college collaborated with ‘Angana’- A Women Empowerment Program of Vaidyaratnam on 22nd February 2022. The International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2022 at 10 am. Nadira Mehrin, (Transgender Activist, Artist, Anchor, Student) was the chief guest. An interaction was organized on the topic “Gender Equality, Gender Justice”. Concepts like gender representation, gender minorities, and representations were discussed. On 28th March 2022, an online discussion was conducted on the concept of Language, Culture, and the transmission of Gender. Dr. Smitha Pannian delivered a talk on “Genderum Bhaashayum” (Gender and Language). Besides each department of the college conducted a number of programs to achieve the above goal.
Evidence of success: The majority of the students of the college attended various programs. The college has constituted a Women's Cell (According to the UGC guidelines) that caters to the Socioeconomic and psychological development and sensitization of students of all genders, teachers, and staff of the college. It organizes programs to meet these requirements, the departments have also conducted programs towards gender sensitization. Various programs have been conducted in collaboration with ‘Jeevani’, the counseling center of the college.

Problems encountered and resources required: Raising funds for conducting a full-fledged programme was one important challenges, but with the support of the staff and students it was overcome to some extent.

2. Title of the Practice- We are with You

The Govt. Arts and Science College, Calicut is one of the prominent centres of education in the Malabar area. It delivers quality education to society and also works as an effective organization for the formation of civic culture in society. The institution has undertaken many socially useful assignments to make students socially useful and also to make the college a centre for social action and reformation.

Our College is one of the notable academic institutions in the Malabar area. We understand the role of higher education institutions in developing social commitment and responsible citizenship. As part of our social responsibility, the Dept. of Economics in association with the Golden Jubilee celebration identified two students without proper shelter and decided to assist the family to construct a safe and convenient home. As part of the project "We are with You" The teachers, the non-teaching staff, and the students have provided full support and cooperation to the “Snehabhavnam scheme” for the year 2021-22.

Specific Objectives:
To provide a home with basic facilities to the homeless students of the college. To transform the other students into responsible citizens through their participation in finding the resources for the project.

The Practice:
As part of the Golden Jubilee celebration, the Dept. of Economics Launched “Snehabhavanam” project to ensure safety shelter for two students of the department. The project location includes one at Puthiyappa and the other at Karaparamb. (both within the Calicut Corporation) All teaching and non-teaching staff voluntarily contributed their share in its campaign to mobilize the fund. In addition, the students of the college shared their contribution and also mobilized the fund from the society through Food Fest, Paper Challenge, Biriyani Challenge, etc. The work is in progress.

Problems encountered and resources required:
The program is suffering financial constraints as the requirements were very huge. There is an increasing demand for such assistance but the resources are limited.


Academic year 2020-21

1.Title of the practice: Online Education for All

Objectives: To provide an equal opportunity of education for all the students of the college during the pandemic the college started a practice of providing mobile phones to students who could not afford them. This was initiated to provide access to the online classes during Covid pandemic. Along with this, the college also provided recharge facility to those students who could not afford to recharge their mobile phones. The major objective of the programme was to provide uninterrupted access to online classes.

Context: Due to the health measures taken by the government in response to the Covid -19 pandemic there was prolonged closure of colleges, confinement due to lockdown , loss of economic security of households ,all these led to a crisis in continuing education. This required an urgent action to make online education accessible to all.

Practice: Students who were not having mobile phones were provided with phones so that they could access the online classes uninterrupted. Mobile phones are also recharged so as to help those who had financial crisis. Evidence of success: All the students of the college were able to attend online classes.

Problems encountered and resources required: Raising fund for the purchase of mobile phones and recharging them was an issue, but with the support of the staff and students it was overcome.

2. Title of the Practice- We are with You

THE CONTEXT: COVID-19 pandemic resulted in unprecedented crisis across the world . One and the only approved method to prevent the pandemic was SMS. (Social distancing Mask and Sanitizer)

OBJECTIVES OF THE PRACTICE: Our College is one of the notable academic institution in Malabar area. It delivers quality education to the society and also works as an effective organization for the formation of civic culture in the society. We understand the role of higher education institution in developing social commitment and responsible citizenship. We also realized that the pandemic Covid-19 brought a lot of challenges in our social life. The most important and immediate concern was to prevent the spread of the pandemic and the use of good quality sanitizer was a must for ensuring personal hygiene. In the initial days of the pandemic the stock of sanitizers was very low in the open this context of pandemic we implemented a project named ‘We are with You’ through which we made sure that we produced and supplied sanitizer to students, staff and the public near our college.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: • To support the efforts of the nation to prevent the spread of Covid-19 To extend necessary good quality sanitizer and mask to nearby people and local community To transform the students into responsible citizens and active respondents. THE PRACTICE: During the outbreak of the dreaded pandemic of Covid-19, the Students and teachers proved their social commitment. The Department of Chemistry has come up with an innovative as well as prompt project of preparing Hand Sanitizer an effective measure to check the spread of the disease. More than 60 litres of hand sanitizer were prepared and distributed to various organizations and nearby institutions The college also provided sanitizer needed for the Examination hall and the office of the College. In addition the NSS units of the college also distributed good quality of mask to the people. As per the order of the Kerala Government sizeable number of teachers worked as sectoral magistrate to ensure the effective implementation Covid protocol. The project was well appreciated by the authorities and society.

PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AND RESOURCES REQUIRED: The programme met with financial constraints as the funding was limited. There is an increasing demand for sanitizers and mask but the resource capacity was limited.

Description of the programme

In connection with Break the chain campaign to fight Covid 19 pandemic outbreak, the department conducted  a preparation demo of hand sanitizer for Media One channel. It was telecasted by the channel (Watch You Tube video). Also demonstrated preparation of sanitizer to various department teacher and distributed the same to all department staffs and to ladies hostel. The department in association with PTA and Chemistry Alumni Association prepared hand sanitizer in bulk amount ( about 25 litres) and supplied to various offices and institutions like Post office, Fire Rescue station, Meenchanda, Govt. College Tanur, Govt. College, Kunnamangalam, Govt. College, Koduvally, Beypore Service Cooperative Bank, Marad Police station , Police men on duty on highways and Auto drivers of Meenchanda. Also prepared sanitizer on behalf of Kozhikode districts Suchithwa Mission, SBI Calicut , and organizations like KSTA, DYFI.