Department of Economics


        Prof.Imbichikoya.K        Head of Department




The Economics Department is one of the oldest departments of Govt. Arts & Science College, started in the year 1964. B.A Course was started in the year 1970 and M.A Course was started in the year 1982. The B.A programme and M.A programme in Economics offered by the department are much sought after.

The programme and course pattern are set according to the prescribed syllabus under the affiliation of Calicut University. A semester pattern is followed with external evaluation towards the end of the semester and continuous internal evaluation in the form of assignments, seminars and test modules. The intake of students is strictly as per government reservation policy to give adequate representation to the socially disadvantaged groups.

The Department has an impressive succession list of department heads who have worked tirelessly to the progress of the department. The faculty of the department are all well- qualified and highly motivated to the profession. The aim of the department is to equip the students with necessary analytical skills to comprehend the complex subject of Economics. Additional Skill Development Programme are also conducted to improve their employability. With the department having more than 90% girl students special care and attention is given to turn them out as socially and economically empowered women.

Dr. Shaheed Ramzan C P

Associate Professor


Radeena D N

Assistant Professor

Pramod E K
Assistant Professor
Kabeer K T
Assistant Professor
Dr. Suresh Babu P A
Assistant Professor
Dr. Prajisha P
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sujin K N
Assistant Professor