BA/BSc./ Degree courses
Part I English
Part II Malayalam, HIndi, Arabic, Sanskrit
Part III any subject in part III

B.A Programmes

Pattern I

BA Economics - Core ,Indian History, Politics - Complimentary
BA English Language and Literature - Core British History, Political Journalism - Complimentary
BA History - Core Politics, Economics - Complimentary
BA Malayalam Core, Sanskrit and Journalism - subsidiary
BA Hindi Core ,Cultural History in Hindi, Correspondence Secretarial drafting in Hindi

Pattern II

BA History- Arabic Main (Double main)

B.Sc. Programmes

BSc Physics - Core, Mathematics and Chemistry - Complimentary
BSc Zoology - Core ,Chemistry and Botany - Complimentary
BSc Botany - Core ,Chemistry and Zoology - Complimentary
BSc Chemistry - Core, Physics Mathematics - Complimentary
BSc Mathematics - Core ,Physics,Statistics - Complimentary

B Com. Income tax law and Practice

PG. Courses

MA History
M.A Economics
M.A Hindi
MA Malayalam
MSc. Physics
MSc. Statistics