Research guides Physics Department

Research Guides Physics Department

PG and Research Department of Physics, Govt. Arts & Science College, Calicut

Sl. No Name and Official Address of the Research Guide University Order Number and Date of Recognition Subject & Area of Specialisation Email ID and Phone Number Date of Superannuation  
1 Dr. Abdul Gafoor

Principal (Retd.)

Associate Professor

Govt. College, Kondoty

U.O.No. 9024/2017/Admn  dtd 20/7/2017 Physics- Nano Material


2 Dr. Binitha. M.P

Asso. Professor of Physics

Govt. Arts & Science College Calicut

U.O.No. 14514/2018/Admn  dtd 12/12/2018 Physics -  Material science


3 Dr. Muhamed Shareef Kolathodi

Asst. Professor of Physics

Govt. Arts & Science College Calicut

U.O. No.14328/2018/Admn, dtd 07/12/2018 Physics -  Experiential Condensed Matter Physics


4 Dr. Megha U.

Asst. Professor of Physics

MES Mampad College, Mampad

U.O. No. 1192/2019/Admn, Dated C.U. 25/01/2019 Physics -  Material science